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The Boutique Beach Guest Support Team

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BB Manager
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Dive Base Leader
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BB CEO and addicted diver
Afzal is from Dhigurah and has 13 years experience as a professional in the Travel Industry and has worked at key Resorts including Mirihi, Lux, Kihaad, and Diva. 
His key focus...Marketing BB and customer relations.
Danish with experience teaching and diving off Tanzania, Vietnam and Maldives. Fluent Danish and English with basic German. Key experience in running Open Water, Advanced and enriched air courses in particular. Keen photographer and social media expert.
Romney is from London, UK.
She has over 20 years diving experience with over 1600 dives.
Her previous role was Marketing Director UK fashion Tesco and Marketing Director BHS.
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Boat Staff
Ali is famous for his tea and coffee brew ups between dives and always very helpful kitting up and helping divers on board after diving.
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Dive Boat Captain
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Boat Captain
Ibrahim...Boat Captain, with over 25 years experience spotting whale sharks and mantas. Ibrahim knows where all the reefs are, in particular he reads the currents just right to drop divers in the perfect place to arrive safely at the thilas without a stressful descent.
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BB Waiter
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Housekeeping Assistant
Said is originally from Bangladesh and has lived in Dhigurah for almost 6 years. He has worked as a fisherman, in hotel housekeeping and now as a waiter at Boutique Beach.
Kausher is from Bangladesh and is relatively new to the island.
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